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Pro!Brands Vanilla Milkshake

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A tasty and lactose free vanilla milkshake with a substantial dose of protein.


Lactose free (<0,04%) milk based drink with a taste of vanilla and high protein content. Ingredients: Milk protein concentrate, whole milk, skimmed milk, water, aromas, lactase enzyme, colouring (beta carotene), stabilizers (carragean), acidity regulator (trisodium citrate), sweetener (sucralose). Contains sweetener. *Contains natural occuring sugar.

Näringsinnehåll per 100g Energy 235 kJ/56 kcal, Fat 1,4 g, of which saturates 0,9 g, Carbohydrate 4,4 g of which sugars 4,4 g, Fibre/ Fiber 0,0 g, Protein 6,4 g, Salt 0,12 g.